Sunday, July 22, 2012

continue doubt

alhamdullilah, i'm still breathing till this hour in the month which full of barakah. yes, todayyyyy 1st Ramadan in which whole muslims will be fasting. Oh btw, i hope it never late for me to say HAPPY RAMADAN TO ALL. Hehe. Yeah, talk about ramadan, it actually reminds me back to 3 years ago. I have to celebrate ramadan at the maktab with my friends. Thanks God. He has send me a very very kind of friends. I will describe all of them in another post.

This year also,as usual, i will celebrate ramadan at my college. Unfortunately, my holiday will start on 16 August 2012.  That means about 3 days before celebrating our RAYAAAAAAAAAAA :) Me is tooooooo excited to talk about RAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

oh, before i forget, i already started my new semester. yeah, this semester going to be toughest than before. i bet. yes, i'm carrying all tough subject *CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS & BASIC THEMES OF AL-QURAN* Insyaallah, i'll try my best to do it. Gambatte :)

New sem means new classmate and new roomate. Ohhhhh please say hi to my roomatatoes :)


and the best part is, my roomates is my classmate. hahah never expect that to happen.yeah,we all are taking ENGINEERING COURSE and IR TO BE :) 

and yeah, my new classmate. full with the boys, girls?alahai ciput je. just me, farah, ainul and afdhalea. haha my new classmate iz zo cool. tapi kalu yang dah ganas tu ganas jugak. haha oh btw, dah nak kena cari catalyst baru dalam kelas. catalyst yang lama dah kena transfer kelas. tapi nasib kelas sebelah sebelah je. haha

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